Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coupla cool compliments come in hot weather

Just recently the blasted braincase, the 'nebriated noggin, the dipsomaniacal dome (ME, in other words) was given two pats on the head! Honeyed words have been ladled over me, and I'm not even dead! (Of course, I don't exactly call this livin'.)

The first pat came from Freddy in Space, a great blog that keeps an eye on all developments in film (and sometimes video game) horror. Ol' Fred (actually blogger John Squires) said this blog has "perhaps the coolest name out there on the interweb," and was "cool and very unique." He even said I was a "classy dude"! (As of today, he has still not asked for any money yet. Perhaps he was sick and had a high fever when posting.)

Wow. I'm savoring the coolness of all these compliments. Especially now, with the weather so miserably hot and humid, an me living in a house with no air-conditioning!

The second pat came from the decidedly cool blog When Is Evil Cool?, who gave me an Honest Scrap award. (I think that second 'S' is a typo.) It's similar to the world-wide blogosphere's Premio Dardo award, where an awardee is expected to link back to the awarder, then to pass on the honor on to other quality blogs. Finally, with both awards, one is also expected to tell something about him-/her-/itself.

In the case of this Honest Scrap award (named after an old brand of chewing tobacco, of all things), I'm supposed to to pass the pat on the head (or back, in the case of non-severed-head bloggers) to TEN other blogs.

But that'll appear on Saturday, along with all the stuff I gotta share about myself.

Oh, just when IS evil cool, you want to know, intrigued as you are with hard questions? Well, the answer seems to be answered here, here, or possibly here.

If you think you're become both evil AND cool, this society wants you!


wiec? said...

well earned my friend. i'm a big fan of yer work and muchos gracias for playing along. hope you don't let the mugginess get you down.

ps- wiec? has nothing to do with the "possibly here" link in your post though. it's when is evil cool? not when is evil dickish and irresponsible? just saying.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks again, and the PS made LOL PDQ!


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