Sunday, August 2, 2009

Squire Max's Link Farm

Today I just want to share links to a variety of recent postings and pages elsewhere in the vast virtual wasteland known as the blogosphere. All of 'em made me smile, gasp or squint in existential despair. Recommended:

Do you dare look into her eyes? (NSFW)

Weird News:

Strange piercings and extreme body art

Japan puts robots in the kitchen (But can robo-cooks replace Mama?)

The first step to artificial brains is taken

The first step to making Stepford Wives is taken

Odd Arts and Crafts:

Make a paper "Yubaba" from Spirited Away

Make a giant "Frankenberry" mask

Sites with Horror Sights:

Flayed and embalmed (gruesome!)

Gaze into a REAL mummy's face!

Persian Salt Mummies
(also gruesome)

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