Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liquored-up trivia

In the 1970s, one member of the National Advisory on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholics was named Norman A. Scotch.

Apples were first grown principally for making hard cider.

A ton of potatoes will yield 28.6 gallons of absolute alcohol.

Asparagus berries make a good drink when fermented.

To keep opened cooking wine from spoiling by sitting to long on the shelves, put a few drops of olive oil in it to keep air away from the wine. (Or just drink all the rest after you opened it and used what you needed in cooking. Duh!)

Apple brandy, called "applejack", has been affectionately called "essence of lockjaw."

Amethyst, the violet or purple variety of quartz, was believed by the ancient Greeks to protect its owner from getting drunk. The name itself means "not to intoxicate." (Pffftt!)

Source: The Joy of Trivia


John Rozum said...

I was just wondering what happened to your "regular" features Trivial Thursdays and Show-Off Saturdays.

wiec? said...

wow the cooking wine one is a helpful hint. never knew that one.

i went to Germany on visit with my girlfriend to see some of her family. they gave me a bottle of homemade applejack that they made themselves. i didn't get lockjaw but i did get wasted. a little goes a looong way. it's also good for getting rust off tools.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Dear Mr. Smarty-Pants Rozum--

At least be accurate when you tweak the nose of an old man. It's "Triple Trivia Thursdays" and "My Stuff Saturdays."

Okay, so I forgot to announce these are now features regularly posted biannually...

Wiec-- I always heard that booze was good for when your tool gets rusty, but always thought that meant something else...


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