Sunday, March 28, 2010

Endorphins and endorsement

Yesterday a talented artist and former Rondo nominee I respect told me that he enjoyed my blog more than some of the other, more serious and reputable blogs nominated this year, and visits mine more often. Wow. Because, he said, when he visits TDSH he "is always entertained." My posts may be "serious or goofy," as he put it, but visiting my blog "is always fun."

In the words of the Invisible Man, that "seemed to light up my brain!" It really made my day.

And then, on top of that, the fine, thoughtful and fun Halloween blog The Roads of Autumn Dusk endorsed TDSH for "Best Blog" in the Rondo Awards! That made my week! Thank you, tROAD!

Here, click on this picture below to find yourself traveling the shadowed, fall Roads into the October country...

1 comment:

Jay Watson said...

Hot Dang Max!!! Thanks for the free plug and linking photo to tROAD. Had I known you were going to that I would have ENDORSED your blog a lot sooner. You don't want the 30 bucks in bribe money back now do you???


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