Monday, March 1, 2010

Get a load of this!

Here's my first public service announcement to educate voters new to the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards:

Rondo PSA


Jay Watson said...

I love this MAX!!!! Does Pixar know you're now in the business of creating mondo-cool animation... with a "severed head artistic mojo?" :)
All the best...
I've voted for your blog.
That RONDO would look nice on your mantel (don't sever it though)

John Rozum said...

Now if ALL of your posts for the past 365 days had been as good as this one you'd be a shoe in to win.

Perhaps you should settle for simply getting the boot.


Just fooling, Max. I've not determined who will be getting my vote yet as the bribes keep rolling in.

Max the drunken severed head said...

r/e-- Ah, you're a gentleman and a scholar, etc. I like your taste--and as Montgomery Burns says--the cut of your jib. (Do you know how much a nice cut o' jib goes for these days?)


"SHOE in" "getting the BOOT"

Ooooh, I get it! Your jokes have SOLE! In fact, they're LACEd with it!

BTW, I'll top all other bribes. Name your price.

DILLIGAF said...


Rather worryingly I found the girl very sexy.

I will go and take my pills.....

Fester said...

Your cinematic propaganda will do no good here. I've already voted. There was something about an inebriated, detached, hatrack that caught my vote.

If I had known you were willing to bribe, I would not have done it for free!



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