Monday, May 31, 2010

Mars on the brain, and vice-versa

Scientists have recently changed their hypotheses about how canyons and troughs were created on Mar's northern polar ice cap, and NASA has just released this picture of that chiseled cap:

When I saw that image, it reminded me of an over-sized brain. That sent my mind's eye into the space between my ears (and there's a lot of that), speeding through the cosmos of my childhood memories, and I remembered seeing this other giant brain Martian brain image:

The memories and associations our Earthling brains form can be be a pretty sweet thing!


Michael Jones said...

I thought the exact same thing!
Lots of lobe,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Perhaps that's the master brain, controlling all the little Martians.

Fester said...

And there is Mars: brain the size of a planet, and nothing important to do. Did they even ask his opinion on the Pluto controversy?

Call that "Job Satisfaction?"


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