Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Now home after spending four days in Indianapolis at the Famous Monsters of Filmland convention. Tomorrow I'll be posting pics and memories.

I was among friends, all of whom were eager to learn about the care and feeding of a drunken severed head:

Famous Monsters magazine editor Jessie Lilley was there to see no severed heads were abused during this event, and here she is helping my friends Ray, Rich and Gus see to it I was properly sloshed-- I mean hydrated. No-- I mean HIGHdrated!

BTW, the baggie on the table is filled with homemade cookies I brought to share-- I brought five dozen in all. I knew I'd see a lot of friends and that the staff would want munchies. They seemed to go over well.


Hollygoyle said...

It was great seeing you and Jane again. Thanx for the cookies! They were delish!

Hay, have you heard about this one?


The Gargoyle will be hanging out there, looking to win a costume contest. ;)

Rod said...

I'm still praying to the porcelain god due some strange bag of cookies I was handed when I arrived at the FM con. I'm trying to remember who handed me those---

Unknown said...

Glad I didn't eat the free food, working on putting the severed head interview together this weekend with pics... I'll be in touch this week... Bwahhaahaahhaa

Laura said...

Hey! Love the new banner! When did you get that???

Awww, sweet picture! I clicked on it to make it bigger. I just had to make sure that those REALLY were cookies in that baggie. :P
They look yummy. :) I made some cookies today too! Oatmeal chocolate chip!
I think that I'm going to go and eat one now!



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