Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"A dyslexic walks into a bra..."

...is an old joke.

But there is a bar-related bra every red-blooded straight man and lesbian woman, dyslexic or not, might want to walk smack into:

Looking rather like a human hookah, this model is showing off the new bra called "the Wine Rack" that holds a whole bottle of wine and inflates a gal's upper figure up to two cup sizes!

Isn't technology amazing? Although it seems to lack the double frontal nozzles for sharing the wine with a friend, it is still a big step forward in party apparel progress!

Click here to read more about it, and here to order one!


joe ackerman said...

you gotta be %&@#ing kidding me?! awesome!! can you get one with beer in it? because that would be REALLY awesome! does it come with it's own cute blonde chick, or d'you have to order one of them in especially?

completely best idea ever.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Did someone say wine?

The clanking of the bottle always gives it away when I am drinking at work! This is perfect!

Where did I put my credit card!

Max....I do love you!! This is awesome!


John Rozum said...

They do make one for beer, but it is designed for men called the "beer gut." I think you can get it from the same place. As you can imagine, it does not enhance in a manner that is flattering.

Fester said...

Great product!!
Thanks for turning me on to this place. One stop shopping right up there with Archie Mcphie1

-Lou said...

Exhibit A in refuting those who say America's best days are behind her her...um, behind it.

Fester said...


That product would be the Ass-Flask.

John Rozum said...

...or for marketing considerations:

The flASSk!

Jay Watson said...

Why is the blog on hiatus??? You're okay (and the Missus too??) I hope.
If ya just need a breather to re-charge the old batteries, I'm cool, but if your under the weather I'll be praying for a speedy recovery... Like Sugar Pops (or Sugar Bombs), I've got to have my daily nutritional bowl of SEVERED HEAD (gee, that doesn't sound quite right does it?)


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