Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown Day 3

Every October my hits here go waaay up because of the link to this blog at Countdown to Halloween. So, if you haven't visited here before, please explore! And when you see a picture that grabs your eye, click on it and it will usually enlarge a great deal.

And regular readers should check out yesterday's post again, as I've added text and a whole bunch more photos!

Halloween has been special to me all my life. Wouldn't my head make a great candy bucket for trick-or-treaters? It's empty except for sweet thoughts! I'd be a better-looking receptacle for candy than this guy:

(The above cool cartoon cover was done by Nick Cardy, and you can see his work HERE.)

Crazy magazine, like Cracked, was a Mad magazine wannabe. And it's deader than the nails in a coffin (A coffin that Alfred E. Newman dances on.) But Cracked lives on as a comedy website, and does well. If you remember the song Takin' It to the Streets by the Doobie Brothers (oh, am I dating myself!), then you'll like the Cracked parody of Michael McDonald and his bunch, Trickin' It to the Treats.

Not from Cracked, but you may like this Halloween video too--

Come back tomorrow for something totally different from today's post!


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