Monday, October 11, 2010

Chick Lit: Trick or Treat?

Below are excerpts from a Jack Chick evangelical tract I found last Halloween. I think copies had been handed out at a party or passed out to trick-or-treaters.

The scans are presented without comment for your review.

Tell me, are giving these tracts to kids on Halloween a trick or a treat?

Heidi's parents tell her they don't know what will happen to her after she dies. She begs to go trick-or-treating one more time.
Despite fainting, Heidi insists she can keep on trick-or-treating. She and her brother go to a new neighbor's house, where she is given a Jack Chick tract.
Because of the tract, Heidi begs her parents to get the new neighbors.
The parents become Christians too after the neighbors come over and talk to them. Heidi dies.
The tract closes with scripture and a final drawing of her brother crying over Heidi's headstone. Happy Halloween!

Was this scary or was it sweet? Post your thoughts. I had hoped to see bloody, ravenous zombies somewhere in it, and there aren't any. But that's just me.


stonerphonic said...

i've seen some pretty offensive stuff in my time, and some pretty evil stuff too, but nuthin beats a Jack Chick evangelical tract in the totally hardcore obscenity stakes.

mind bendingly manipulative, perfect in its ability to mis-quote biblical references, and a champion of blatant religious mythology, i don't know how these things have stuck around for 30 years or more.

one born every minute i guess...

p.s. my fave bit is the fact that the right-wing evangelical couple force-feeding the tract were still being seen as celebrating halloween. priceless...

Strange Kid said...

It would have been okay if not for the overtly manipulative religious angle. I think it's sweet how even on her deathbed the little girl wanted to go trick or treating and I could have been okay with her going to heaven at the end if not for that whole "born again" part. That's just me, though.

Mr. Macabre said...

Jack's tracts are basically my way or the highway...TO HELL! I've been trying to find one he did on the origins of Halloween, riddled with misinformation, made-up history and just all around wrongness.

Gotta love that Jack!

prof. grewbeard said...

there would be a special place in Hell reserved for Jack Chick if Hell or Heaven existed but they don't, so i say, let's take the bastard down NOW!!!...

sorry, but these things piss me off. i like the bit where the little girl wants to go Trick-or Treats one more time and i'm shocked that Jack even advocates the practice, or is he saying that she would've gone to Hell PRECISELY because she went Trick-or-Treats and narrowly escaped because of his soul-saving tract? the mind boggles...

Pax Romano said...

What a delightful thing to give to a kid...

T.L. Bugg said...

What a terrible thing to give to a kid. The best thing to do to children is take an innocent time and fill it with fear, guilt, and submission to unseen forces.

Ken Symes said...

In Canada, a Grade Three boy was told by his school to stop handing out Jack Chick tracts. Why? Well, he was handing out tracts against the violence and Satanism of Hallowe'en. Here's the ironic part: a parent called to complain about the violent material this boy was handing out! (I posted the video of this news story at my blog.)

I ended up debating the boy's father about the appropriateness of these horrifying tracts for children:
Jack Chick Tracts: Are they an appropriate way for children to share their faith?

I suspect you will be surprised by the father's intensity; it was like I was debate Jack himself! Anyhow, I'd love to get some feedback. So let me know what you think.

Carrie Miller said...

That's f*cked up! Pardon my french

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