Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alternate "Christmas Carol"

Friend Craig Wichman and I were talking about various film versions of A Christmas Carol, and I lamented Boris Karloff had never been in one. We got to talking about genre stars we would have liked to see appear with Boris, which led to Craig sending me these photos:

Boris Karloff as Scrooge (Basil Rathbone DID play Marley's Ghost on TV)

Peter Lorre as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Orson Welles (looking remarkably like Ernest Hemingway) as the Ghost of Christmas Present

And last but NOT least, Bela Lugosi as the Ghost of Christmas Future!


Jack Veasey said...

What a great idea! I love the Peter Lorre pic especially!

wich2 said...

Thanks, Jack!

Yeah, there were so many late Radio and early TV CAROLS in the '40's & '50's, it's odd that Boris never got a shot.

Natural choice, I think (maybe he was asked, but couldn't?)

Happy New Year,


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