Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Drunken snowmen

Images of Frosties who got a bit toasted...

Image source: Photobucket account of Audrey083053

Image source: LOLPIX

Image source: Flickr account of Adam Barlow

Image Source: Cartoon Stock

Here's an alcoholic party appetizer made with melons called a "Drunken Snowman":

Image source and recipe/directions are here: Cocktail Times

Image source: QOOP store of Alastair Adams

Image source: Flickr account of andrewvanwey

Image source: Super

Image source for this blind drunk snowman: Super

Image source: Google image search

Image source: Bob Eckstein's blog

Finally, here's CGI drunken snowman:

This image by "Botolinus" can be downloaded as a wallpaper at Desktop Nexus.

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