Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A favorite Christmas video

Lady Gaga has nothing on Grace Jones, the original Alluring Diva From Another World Where They Don't Dress Like Us. And thanks to my friend Holly Goyle, I've found a clip from Peewee's Playhouse Christmas Special with Grace spreading Christmas cheer with her siren sound.

It's mercifully brief. As someone working in the world o' retail, hearing the same 20 Christmas recordings over and over nigh unto absurdity and insanity, I'm grateful when a Christmas song doesn't overstay its welcome.

And I say that as someone as someone who recently went caroling. (Really!) Fortunately the carol-ees were a bit short-sighted, and my appearance, truncated as it is, didn't frighten them!


scary film review said...

holy crap, how did i miss that? haha

The Creeping Bride said...

Exactly, Max!

I've been saying it for at least a year now: the more I hear Lady Gaga, the more I miss Grace Jones.

Mike C. said...

One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite Christmas specials. The entire show is incredible -- the Del Rubio Triplets? Little Richard? Frankie and Annette? The whole damn thing's a freaking Christmas Miracle.

Fester said...

When she started peeling off the blue mittens, I started getting nervous. What else was she gonna do?

I kept repeating to myself:
Its only a kids show!
Its only a kids show!
Its only a kids show!


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