Thursday, December 23, 2010

TDSH Classic: Hairy, Scary, Bavari-an Christmas

Above is a picture from Global Post on the monstrous German Christmas character, Krampus. From their web article "8 wacky holiday traditions."

Two years ago, I posted some photos similar to the one above, taken by a German-American friend when she was visiting the state of Bavaria that year. She generously offered to share them with TDSH.

Below is that post.
(Yes, I'm busy with the holidays and am shirking my responsibilities here. What are you gonna do about it? Come over and punch me in the snoot? I dare ya!)

Below are scans of pics lent by friend Steffi Staley of a Christmas parade in the German state of Bavaria, where Santa's evil sidekick Krampus, his demon friends, and witches all appear, the better to scare kids into being good. (A tradition I think is great for children-- although some disagree.)

This is a tradition that I wish would flourish here-- hey, we got the Christmas tree and Santa Claus from the Old World, why not Krampus and his kind? I live in a section of Pittsburgh that was home for the German immigrant community in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but the "Pennsylvania Dutch" Christmas monster known as Belsnickel seems to have disappeared completely from Christmas celebrations here. What a shame!

Merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

Disturbing yet hilarious!!! I'd plagerize-not with a seven year old-here-in the U.S.A..(although it is a concept I wouldn't mind catching on).ROTFL!

The Angry Lurker said...

Christmas weirdness, I like it.


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