Saturday, March 26, 2011

History of an undying story

1818: Mary Shelley publishes her most influential and lasting novel, Frankenstein. Sir Walter Scott later praises it.

1823: Richard Brinsley Peake's Presumption: or the Fate of Frankenstein, the first stage adaptation of the novel, is performed.

Halloween, 1836: The first "popular" single volume edition of the novel appears.

1882: The first cartoon version of the monster appears in Punch magazine in England. The monster appears in an editorial cartoon and is meant to symbolize Ireland.

1910: Edison Studios release the first film version of Frankenstein.

1931: The novel is substantially altered when adapted into a film for Universal, starring Colin Clive and Boris Karloff, and becomes the most iconic and influential version of the story.

1952: The first adaptation of Frankenstein for television appears on the program Tales of Tomorrow.

1957: Hammer Studios begin a series of popular films employing the character of Victor Frankenstein and his creation.


August, 2007: The blog FRANKENSTEINIA debuts. The creation of writer and cartoonist Pierre Fournier, it becomes THE premier source of online information about all things Frankenstein-related in popular culture, history, and the arts.

MARCH 2011: It wins the respected Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award because people like YOU vote for it. If YOU haven't voted for FRANKENSTEINIA in the Rondo Award "Best Blog" category, YOU still have time! UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, MARCH 26. (The ballot says March 27, but insists on midnight Saturday.) VOTE here NOW!

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