Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rondo Award news flash! A major scoop!

It has come to my attention (via a reporter friend with hacking skills) that a wave of write-in votes has flooded the Rondo Award polling in the "Best Blog" category.

The following blogs seem to be getting a last minute surge of votes:
  • Spooky Spooky Boo Boo!
  • Thrift Store of Direct-to-Video Slasher Flix
  • My Halloween M&M Collection
  • No Sucky Monsters
  • Drive-In Movies That Made Me Sh*t Myself
  • If Tura Satana Were a Gunslinger, There Would Be a Whole Lot of Damp Pants
  • Wankensteinia
  • So What If I Like Scary Crap?
  • Scream and Cream Again
  • The Jess Francophile
  • The Castle of Terror Horror Scans
Only you can prevent them from winning. VOTE TODAY IN THE RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS.

My thanks to my friend (who will remain nameless) for sharing this undercover investigation with me. Julian Assange would be proud.

1 comment:

Mike C. said...

Actually Spooky Spooky Boo Boo! sounds like a pretty cool blog... NO! I WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN! FRANKENSTEINIA FOR 2011!


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