Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Zombie Gras photos

As introduced in this post, here are more photos from the recent Zombie Gras event, organized by the fine frightening folk who put on Horror Realm every year.

There were cool vendors, including artists:

And filmmakers--
And there were interesting panels, like this one with the stars of the underrated classic Day of the Dead:

There were workshops, such as one on self-defense in a zombie apocalypse:

And of course, plenty of zombies and horror fans there to have a good time--

This is zombie Sandy Stuhlfire, one of the organizers--

This is the platter spinner of the dance party, DJ Zombo:

He got zombies to show some rhythm!

Some preferred to dance close:

Speaking of close, I think I'll close here! Go check out this link to see LOTS more photos from Zombie Gras!

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