Monday, April 25, 2011


How I spent my Easter with a deadly creature and a wonky computer:

"I wish my Easter basket for TDSH readers was filled with a ginormous assortment of colorful images for weird people like you and me. Except my computer has been behaving badly for weeks now, and the $225 I paid for a “computer professional” to fix my problems over two visits has resulted in my co..."

Read more here.

Wish me luck with my computer--I'd believe in the Easter swamp leech if it would get a computer that worked right consistently!


Meowlissa said...

Psh. And we coulda fixed you up for free. Or. for a zombie. Or something.

Zombie said...

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

Allen's Brain said...

There's an orchid for your mummy
And an Easter Fugu too...

John Rozum said...

Don't mind me. I just stopped by to sweep off the porch so people wouldn't think this blog was completely abandoned.


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