Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The most horrifying film ever made!

Dear reader, if you are of a delicate nature, do not watch the film below. It may disturb you...it may even horrify you. It crosses boundaries of taste, even sanity, that no man or woman should ever cross.

Now all my memories of Senor Wences and his toothless pal Johnnie are forever ruined. And
now I can't stop remembering a certain segment of The Groove Tube.

I see that the talking character here is bald. I guess I should be grateful there was no fuzzy wig involved, though maybe wild Wishnik/Troll doll hair might have been, um...not "cool," but memorable, anyway. Funny, too. Googly eyes, too, would have been great, but might inspire nightmares.

Hey, does a man need a passport to go to the land mentioned (shouted, really) at the start of the commercial? (I think a certain bitter, divorced friend of mine might say, "Yeah, good looks and lotsa money--that's the passport you need.")

What's next, a similar commercial with a manly hand for Preparation H? (Oh, you just know that parody we'll be up on YouTube soon.)

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Dr Blood said...

I think South Park made did the best commentary on these products when Cartman wanted to be a NASCAR driver. I also worry about vajajay's smelling like a "Summer's Eve". Round here that would mean barbecue smoke and beer-induced vomit. Probably still better than rotten fish though. :)

John Rozum said...

Max, I'm curious to know what you were searching for when you came across this. Actually, forget I said that. I don't want to know.

Mt. Wood said...

Not to mention South Park also had that Cherokee Hair Tampon commercial, cause Cherokee hair is extra absorbent.

Fester said...


Here you are!

Glad to be back here.

Some commercial . . .

At least it wasn't an ad for Lysol.

That is one part that should never smell pine-fresh.

Max the drunken severed head said...

"That is one part that should never smell pine-fresh."

There's a "wood" joke in this somewhere, but I ain't making it.


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