Friday, August 12, 2011

Help the Bob Burns movie get off the ground!

Fan favorites Bob and Kathy Burns!
Artist/actor Frank Dietz and producer Trish Geiger are producing a documentary film about actor, horror historian/collector Bob Burns--and his wife Kathy--and how they have inspired so many people to pursue their own dreams.

BEAST WISHES will explore how these two amazing folks became the goodwill ambassadors of sci-fi fandom, and how their joy has influenced generations of artists, writers, directors and fans. But they need help, and they need it fast. (By Aug. 31!) Here's what Frank has to say:

"Bob and Kathy Burns are best known for their incredible collection of original movie props, housed in their Burbank, California museum, often known as "Bob's Basement." From the steel armature of the 1933 "King Kong," to the actual Time Machine from the classic George Pal film, from Glenn Strange's Frankenstein boots to the Queen Alien and the American Werewolf In London, Bob and Kathy's house is a treasure chest of movie monster memorabilia.

"We want to make this project a quality production, utilizing a professional crew and an experienced documentary editor. This, of course, requires funding. So, with Bob and Kathy's blessing, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds we need to complete our film.

"Kickstarter is a highly successful online platform by which creators can pitch their projects, and anyone can contribute to it's set goal. In return, the project offers rewards to those who pledge, from DVDs to T-shirts to trips to visit the stars in Los Angeles. The bigger the pledge, the greater the rewards.

"But Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" program. If we reach our set goal in the set time, we get the money. If we don't reach it, we get nothing, and the pledges are not collected. It's that simple. Trish and I have set our goal at the absolute minimum needed to shoot, although we could use more for promotion and distribution of the completed film. So we have 20 days to raise $11,000, or we go back to square one.

"If you would like to help us reach our goal, please visit our project page. There you will be able to watch a short test video we've created that gives an idea of the film's content, plus more information about BEAST WISHES, and a list of the cool rewards available for contributors.

"This is going to be - as Bob would say - a "really, really cool" project. We would all love to have you join us on this great adventure."

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