Saturday, August 13, 2011

Special Makeup Effects: Strange Frankie!

This post originally ran 9-6-07.

Scott Essman of Universal Studios shares this video of makeup whiz Kevin Haney recreating a famous Monster of filmland! As Essman wrote, "Kevin Haney created this Glenn Strange Frankenstein Monster prosthetic likeness makeup in 1999 for the original Jack Pierce tribute which was never staged. As such, this makeup was only applied one time, with assistance by Kenny Myers and Bill Corso. Eventually, Haney created a Boris Karloff Monster makeup that was used several times for tributes to Pierce and Frankenstein (1931)."


Keir said...

Thanks for that! For me, one of the scariest scenes in the whole canon was the expression on Strange's face in House of Dracula.

Edward said...

The Real Special Makeup Effects are 200 times twice as realistic and better than the CGI effects. I think they really should go back to doing the monster special makeup effects movies.

I also think they should do hundreds of many Air-Bladders FX for the upcoming alien mutation movies and the weird werewolf movies. Hope you'll keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
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