Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, whaddya think?

Decided to do some re-arranging, some painting, and re-naming of the joint. Whadda ya think? It's all good? It stinks? Like everything the title? Like the title but little else? Talk to me, talk to me!

After you leave a comment, go take a look at this!

And yet another surprise is coming. The Drunken Severed Head's marching on, establishing a beachhead with other members of the monster kid army!


Suzanne said...

looks good to moi!

Zombie said...

Everything is looking amazing! so much cleaner and very organized! I like. :D

wich2 said...

Dear Max-

1. It looks "book-ier"

2. It's nice to see a Monstuh site NOT in Basic Black

-Reuben Kincaid

Fester said...


I thought I was in the wrong place!

Its all different. All light and bright and kind of cheery. I like the new name, although I'm kinda half expecting to hear Esquivel! Space-Age Batchelor Pad music.

Seriously, it looks pretty good.

However, the semi transparent sidebars are a little hard to read with the vampire dinner drawing showing through. But Maybe that is my old eyes and trifocals.
"vampire dinner drawing" Try saying that three times!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Hey Reuben--

Is "bookier" good?

Fester--I hear ya and have fixed those sidebars!

Zombie and Sue--Thanks for the thumbs up! Was looking for feedback good or bad. Glad to know you like it.

I've always changed banners and colors a few times a year, but felt I needed to make it look cleaner, too!

Fester said...

Much better now, thanks.

Now its Poifect!

K. said...

It's a lot more organized. It no longer looks like a Geocities site.

Eh? 'member that? Geocities?

Mike C. said...

I don't like it.

KIDDING! It's clean and bright and the Norman Bridwell background makes me smile inside.



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