Thursday, March 29, 2007

Off we go-go!

Hello out there! Sorry not to have posted anything for several days. I've had a rough time at work lately. (Yes, the severed head works! At least, when the boss is around, anyway.) After being asked to be an "idea man" at a staff meeting this week, my co-workers kicked some of my ideas around-- while they were still formulating in my brain! But, I'm not complaining. Conference room soccer can be fun! I just wish I'd remember to bring my helmet to the damn meetings!

The Voodoo Queen and I are going on a road trip, so today's offerings will have to suffice for several more days, I'm afraid.

Looking forward to hitting the road. As you can see, Jane and enjoy driving convertibles. When we're in this particular beater of ours, you can get an idea of how happy we are by counting the number of bugs on our teeth!

We'll be visiting family. Here's me and a brother:

I think he regards me more as an item of decor than as a sibling.

Another brother has an item that has always fascinated me: a paper mache wall-hanging in the shape of a face. It was made for my brother when he was a child by an adult friend of my grandparents. I don't think it was meant to be creepy-looking, but I've always thought it was:

We'll also be visiting my sister:

Quite an assortment of characters, my family.

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