Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mary Shelley was born 210 years ago today!

Mary Shelley, the mother of the mightiest monster of all time, the author who penned a work as immortal as its nameless creature, was born on this date in 1797.
Here is my favorite portrait of Mary. It was the first I ever saw; it was in Don Glut's book The Frankenstein Legend.

I also found a color version of this portrait. Although it is a less detailed photo, it is in color.

By poking around for images of the Monster, I found a startling image in the Flickr photos of one DerrickT. It is a makeup meant to be the closest representation of the "demon" described in the novel. It is an amazing design and fantastic execution!

Since Mary Shelley cannot blow out the candles on her birthday cake anymore, my friend Coffin Ray and I had to do it ourselves.

Check out the Frankensteinia blog for its Mary Shelley birthday greeting!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Max-

I salute your fitting salute!

-Craig Wichman
("A. Monster")


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