Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Present and past loves

My voodoo queen wife took off for Florida yesterday to visit family, and already I miss her. (I gotta jones for Jane.)

She's exponentially better as a "better half" than most of my past loves would have been. Just thinking of some of the gals I've been attached to gives me the shudders!

Stay away from my past girlfriends:
  • Lucy Firr
  • Mae Snapp
  • Helen Weelz
  • Carrie Ann O'Grudge
  • Jen Derbinder
  • Mandy Stroyer
  • Fran Tik
  • Wanda Lust
  • Sue Asidal
  • Sharon DeZeeze
  • Celia Phate
  • Amanda Subdoo
And Amy Winehouse.


suzanne said...


Perhaps I'm a little slow this morning but I've said "Mae Snapp" over and over, fast and slow, and I just can't get that one!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Your inabilty to get that one name so outrages me that I MAY SNAP at any moment!

Yes, I might break with reality and go postal on ya! ;p

suzanne said...

Ah yes . . . I guess I just needed that second cup of coffee!


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