Saturday, June 13, 2009


Filmmaker Justin Crimone is the one of two men who shot the short film The Drunken Severed Head Show, which will soon be seen for the first time at the upcoming "Monster Bash" convention here in the Pittsburgh area. He is very talented,

This week I watched his 4 minute film Backmask, and it's very good. It was created for and screened at a Pittsburgh Filmmakers' film contest this past Tuesday. All entries had to be on the theme "Urban Legends and Old Wives' Tales," and be no more than four minutes. It won the $100 2nd Place prize against some excellent competition. (Oddly, first place was taken by a film that, as the filmmaker admitted, had nothing to do with the assigned theme!)

As Mr. Crimone describes the film's subject this way: "Our short psycho/horror film about the urban myth of backmasking. Can subliminal messages in reversed audio cause someone to kill or be killed? You decide..."

Go to my Facebook profile to see this short film, which you can do by clicking this link and signing into Facebook.

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