Saturday, June 13, 2009

Municipal Madness!

As I live in Pittsburgh, I'm witnessing an outpouring of happy hysteria tonight! It seems 3/4 of the town is out on the streets screaming and whooping all because we won this thing:

Hooray Penguins!

I never doubted our team would win. After all, we had Satan on our side!


suzanne said...

At least 3/4 of my city is screaming and whooping for Pittsburgh as well. All because Satan's team-mate, Sidney Crosby, is a hometown boy :)

Pierre Fournier said...

Lots of joy in Quebec, too. Pittsburgh has always been very welcoming for Québécois players, starting with superstar and now team owner Mario Lemieux. Sidney Crosby played his junior hockey in Quebec and the stars of game 7 were, undisputably, goalie Marc-André Fleury and Maxime Talbot, who scored both Pens goals!

Vive les pingouins!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Two comments from two loyal friends north of the border. Thanks! My stats tell me I've got PA readers, but none of them have commented. Funny. I don't think they like my version of the Stanley cup!


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