Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flesh-eating plants and my wife

Rest in peace, Venus flytrap in our home!

I'm sorry to say that the Venus flytrap I gave my wife last year is gone. Sadly, I carelessly left the lid off the terrarium it was in and one of our cats ate it!

Jane is not happy about this, natch. I ought to get her one of these to make it up to her.

In other personal plant-related news, we've just discovered that the vine growing in our front yard sprouting purple flowers and bright red berries is deadly nightshade, a fact we both think is kinda cool!


Pierre Fournier said...

Get a better fly trap and it'll eat the cat!

You should grow some Hemerocallis Bela Lugosi.

Pierre Fournier said...

better = bigger

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Okay, I cannot get over the cat eating the venus fly trap! LOL! The reason there no (sadly) live plants (or anything else) in my house. The cats would eat them :)

Deadly nightshade!! Cool!


Ubermilf said...

For some reason Elton John's horribly insipid "The Circle of Life" is now playing in my head, despite the fact I have never purposefully listened to it.

I blame you. Stupid head on a cookie sheet.


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