Friday, January 8, 2010

One Lovely Blog (Yes, ME!), Part 2

I'm spreadin' the love that was given to me! Passin' my passion for weird, fantastic, and horrorific blogs around--and there are so many that the first half of my recipients of the One Lovely Blog award can be found at this post. Now let's get to these excellent examples of psycho-blog-onic psychotronics!

(Oh, they're supposed to pass the award to ten other blogs and link back to this post, but I say they should do what they will, they desrve recognition with no strings attached!)

The Action Effect (N. L. Sayers) For his detailed, thoughtful reviews of modern action movies.

Branded in the '80s
(Shawn Robare) For his loving documentation of '80s pop culture.

Slasher Speak
(Vince Liaguno) For making the slasher genre interesting to even non-fans, and for his thoughtful and fresh appreciation of its canon.

My Monster Memories (Frederick) For his warm, detailed Monster Kid nostalgia.

The Moon Is a Dead World (Ryne Barber) Does this man never sleep? You'll swear he doesn't if you keep tabs with this fine, inventive horror blog.

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Movies
(Vicar of VHS/Duke of DVD) I don't know who these guys are, but they sure have fun sharing their love of horror film, and they make me laugh with their wit.

Obscure Hollow (Kerry Kate, Mica Michelle, Rebecca, and an anonymous blogger) An increasingly recognized, unique blog showcasing "
Haunted and vintage aesthetics in films, photography of home collections and other strange discoveries of old time past."

The Tainted Archive
(Gary Dobbs) Novelist Gary Dobbs free-ranging looks at pop culture and pop culture history in the UK and the US. Always a good read.

Dinner with Max Jenke
Great film reviews and previews with a guy named Max. (Actually, experienced and honored writer Jeff Allard.)

Zaius Nation (Dr. Zaius, gave me the One Lovely Blog award) For the best use of Photoshop, his humor, and for having best political slant of any genre blog.Yeah, he's got one already, but I want to praise his fine, inhuman blog here anyway.

The Horror Effect (Rebecca Sayers) AS good a blog on the horror genre as it gets. Also, I think Becky is the wife of the guy behind The Action Effect. A power couple!

Day of the Woman
Brittney-Jade Colangelo) Women are increasingly the very best observers of the horror genre. DOTW is more proof of this.

John Rozum THE blog of collage genre art. Also features posts of some of the most talented Halloween crafting out there.

Killer Kittens From Beyond the Grave
(Kitty LeClaw) If you like excellent comic sharity site The Horrors of It All, you'll also really enjoy KKFBTG! A blog that is not recognized enough, it features comic sharity, movie reviews and more.

Wouldn't You Like to See Something Strange? (Diane) Diane digs up more weird stuff to gaze on and ponder over than anybody. This blog is a must for seekers of the strange.

Orange and Black
(Halloween Spirit) For eloquence on all things that go bump in the night (esp. the sorts of things that haunt the Samhain season!)

There are many other equally great horror blogs out there, of course, (I'm looking at you, Richard Harland Smith of Movie Morlocks, and you, Stacie Ponder of Final Girl) and many I've recommended here. But if you haven't checked out the blogs above, please do us both a favor and take a look!

And no praise of any section of the blogosphere is complete without including the superlative Frankensteinia, and Zombos' Closet of Horror. And for a comprehensive site on the history of horror films, I recommend Nate Yapp's Classic-Horror.


Diane said...

thank you so much! i am honored to be included in this list of fabulous bloggers!!!

and i totally forgot to tell you!! i got your xmas card a couple days ago! thank you! it arrived at the post office "damaged" i guess (that's what the stamp on the front said) and so i guess was delayed... i don't know lol! in any case, i got it and THANK YOU! :)

suzanne said...

Thanks, Max! I'm honoured :)

And thanks for pointing me in the direction of some hitherto undiscovered blogs. I've got some reading to do.

Max the drunken severed head said...

I always enjoy yer posts, mi amigas!


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