Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderfest and the Rondos, Pt. 4

I have SO MANY pictures to share from our recent vacation spent at Wonderfest, that I'm going to break them into categories.

Today I'll give you a tour of "The Old Dark Clubhouse," the hospitality room for fans of classic horror that is set up each year at whatever horror con is hosting the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. It is a gracious and very generous gift by host Gary Prange, a moderator at the Classic Horror Film Boards. Presiding as hostess each year is the ever-evanescent and charming Donna Lucas, the publisher of Video Watchdog magazine.

I think you'll get a kick out of the following photos, even if you aren't a "Monster Kid" in love with classic horror films of decades past, and weren't alive when magazines sold the items represented in the decor of The Old Dark Clubhouse. Take your time and savor all the stuff that makes The Old Dark Clubhouse a visual treat for all who enter therein!

(As usual, if you want to see any photo larger, just click on it.)

A popular part of the room-- the bar:

A working (!) piece of Frankensteinian equipment, built by Mr. Prange:

There had been a working Jacob's Ladder-style piece of equipment, too, but this year it gave up the ghost.

We were up on the sixth floor, but that didn't stop gawkers from looking in:

The entrance to the bathroom:

When you entered, a voice from hidden speaker said, "Welcome to the Inner Sanctum."

With the bathroom (bat room?) we have-- not surprisingly--reached...the end!


rogue evolent said...

Awesome pics Max!
Thanks for sharing!
You're a great guy!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I could live there...

Thanks for sharing!

iZombie said...

i wanna live there...

John Rozum said...

I'm enjoying your tour through wonderfest. Instead of making me feel like I'm living the experience vicariously, it makes me wish I'd been there more.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks for all the comments, my friends.

If only all motel rooms looked like that!

Hollygoyle said...

Love those old album covers. And that toilet is a scream!

Joe Monster said...

Amazing photos, Max! It looks like you had one hell of a time.

sunshine said...

Love the toilet of terror!
And of course, who wouldn't want a life sized Frankenstein to have in their home??? :P


Strange Kid said...

That must have been so cool. Those are definitely some frighteningly fun collectibles!


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