Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bowling, Boobies and Horror

An important message from celebrated splatterpunk author David J. Schow to TDSH readers:

"Greetings All:

"Below you’ll find the e-mail sent out by Kerry Fitzmaurice each year as part of her fundraising appeal on behalf of Bowling for Boobies and the Busted Foundation. Now under the stewardship of Stefanie LaHart, the organization is soaring upward in success and visibility. I would humbly urge you to give it your consideration and cooperation.

"The fundament of the organization’s success is the accumulation of donations in the $25 range. It’s affordable, not painful, and believe me, they add up wonderfully …"

"Cheers-- David J. Schow."

Kerry Fitzmaurice:

With your help, my fundraising for Bowling for Boobies was able to raise $5,400 last year, and this year I am hoping to go beyond that goal.

Our 2009 event in Los Angeles raised just over $100,000! So far this year we have been able to give money to twenty-two women from those funds. Each year we grow bigger and stronger and are able to help more women in financial distress while going through their difficult battles with breast cancer.

Please consider making a donation early this year, and passing along our information to others who might be willing to pitch in by:

(1) making a donation

(2) volunteering for our event this October

(3) helping us find sponsors for the event, or

(4) donating items for our gift bags (the gift bags are the hardest to fill each year — we'll use clothing, sundries, cosmetics, DVDs, jewelry, accessories, anything — bear in mind we have to fill 200 of 'em!)

Or (5): All of the above!

Also please consider attending our actual Bowling for Boobies event on October 24th, 2010 (a Sunday), at Jillian's Bowling Alley at City Walk, Universal City from 5-10 PM . This year we will have even more events for the public to participate in. It's lots of fun and if you don't believe me, just look at our pictures from prior events at

Now, please click on my fundraising link below and consider making a donation. If you do not want to pay by credit card you can always send a check directly, either to Kerry Fitzmaurice or the foundation.

Make all checks payable to the Busted Foundation.

7510 W. Sunset Blvd #248
Los Angeles , California 90046

Kerry Fitzmaurice
2880 Durand Drive
Los Angeles , California 90068

The Busted Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Top image of David Schow by Damon D'Amato. All other images found here.


Jay Watson said...

I suddenly want to "take up" bowling... I mean everyone needs a hobby right?

Max the drunken severed head said...

I went to a bowling alley for zombies once. (I wasn't afraid because I have no brains for them to eat.)

It so quiet in the place you could hear a pin drop...

Kerry Fitzmaurice said...

Thanks for the re-post! I can use all the hlep I can get for donations! AND it is for a wonderful cause. Thanks again


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