Friday, September 3, 2010

Me: Puffed up with pride...

...which goeth before a fall. But I don't care.

Why is the drunken severed one now a swollen head and all puffed up like a balloon today?

Because my latest columns at the Famous Monsters website are now up, and I'm stoked. Love having a chance to participate in the revival of such a venerable name in genre publishing.

Because I've been given a couple of honors this year by a couple of talented bloggers: Joe Monster at From Beyond Depraved, and Spooky Pie at This Girl Digs Horror. Their opinions on films are always entertaining-- please take a look!

Because I'm retaining water. (Hey-- always retain some water--mixed with Scotch--in the event of some civil emergency.)

Well, let me point you in the direction of these posts and honors. As they say when you get to the golf course, "Here's de links!"

Blood-Chillers For the Beach, or, Scary Stories for Summer’s End

Robots: Reel, Real and Reeeeal BAD!

Versatile Blogger Award at FBD

Versatile Blogger Award at TGDH

My deepest thanks to Joe and Spooky, who I will buy drinks for whenever I first meet them in the flesh...Mmmm, flesh....

Oh, wait-- I'm supposed to link to 15 other blogs I like and tell seven things about myself. But will I?

Naaaaah. You won't read 15 more blogs just from this one post. So what I'll do is recommend you keep stopping here and check out my many blog links here that I have already-- they're the ones I frequent the most.

And you can learn seven things about me here at this web page.

BUT BUT BUT BUT (ooooh, I sound like a motorboat!) I WILL recommend that you RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE check out this post at From Beyond Depraved-

- "5 Steps to Joining a Cult"

AND this post at This Girl Digs Horror:

- "The Creepiest Thing: Third edition"


Again, my thanks to both blogs for the honor of the "Versatile Blogger" designation!


Laura said...

Oooooo! Congratulations!!! Very exciting indeed.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...


Jay Watson said...

Yeah Max, what the two great ghouls before me just said: congrats (especially on the Famous Monster pieces).

Jose Cruz said...

Thanks for the mention, Sir Drunkenseveredhead! You certainly deserved this dubious honor for all your hard work and distressing lack of sobriety. Keep up the awesomeness and the liquor bottles!


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