Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spirit for Schools from Spirit Halloween!

Below is a civic-minded promo from Spirit Halloween, one of the country's largest suppliers of Halloween merchandise of all kinds. It was sent to me and I thought I'd share it here because it might be useful to TDSH readers. Ironically for an advertisement aimed at schools, I had to correct the spelling of a word in the headline!

Earn Cash For Your School While Shopping at
Spirit Halloween through October 12, 2010!

What is Spirit for Schools?

Spirit for Schools is an innovative way for communities to raise money for their schools, while experiencing the fun of shopping for Halloween. It's easier than a bake sale, fun, and FREE!

The goal of the program is to support K-8 public schools in our communities and allow them to raise funds for programs, equipment and supplies that enhance educational experiences and/or social growth for students. In 2009, 5 South Jersey organizations enrolled their schools in the Spirit for Schools Program, raising more than $12,000 in donations. In 2010 we are rolling out the Spirit for Schools Program across the country. We are accepting the first 200 qualifying organizations, giving them the opportunity to raise up to $5,000 for their school!

How does it work?

Guests can shop Spirit Halloween stores and through 10/12/10 and save 10% on their purchases and earn 10% for their school.

One organization per school may enroll. Only the first 200 qualifying organizations & their schools will be accepted into the program. That organization will receive a customized coupon which contains a unique barcode linking all purchases back to that school for the 2010-2011 school year. It is up to the enrolled organization to distribute their coupon however they deem appropriate.

How do you enroll?

Any qualified non profit organization affiliated with raising funds for a K-8 public school can enroll at Eligible organizations include Home & School Associations, Parent Teacher Organizations, and Booster Clubs.

Click here to find the nearest Spirit Halloween location.

Important information needed for enrollment:

• Organization Name

• School Name, Address & Phone Number

• Contact Name, Email Address, & Phone Number

• School Tax ID Number

• Title within the Organization

• Number of Students Enrolled

• Organization Tax ID Number

It’s easy and FREE!

1. Online Enrollment
2. Receive coupon and distribute!

For more information & tips on distribution visit

Why should I get involved?

With Spirit for Schools, volunteers are able to raise additional funds for their local schools. With school budgets shrinking every day, schools are finding themselves without the funding they need to buy extras and sometimes even essential items. Here is your opportunity to support special events, projects, and preserve programs for your children.

For additional assistance or information please email us at:

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