Friday, September 10, 2010

Monsters, Mademoiselles and More at FM Con

More late wrap-up of the fun Famous Monsters Convention held earlier this summer! Today I'm sharing the last batch of my photos of villains, monsters, potted party-ers and the beautiful women seen there. The guys above-- nice guys all-- aren't any of those things. From left to right that's famous comic book artist Kerry Gammill, Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News, and Joe Moe, writer, singer and famous friend/caretaker of Forrest J Ackerman, one the founding fathers of sci-fi and horror fandom. Behind them is legendary artist Basil Gogos.

Besides chatting with friends of the "normal" variety, it was also nice to natter with some fellow severed heads who attended. Sadly, they all seemed in need of an oral surgeon:

Say "Aaaahhhhhh!"

This next guy is the offspring of a Black Lagoon Creature and an alien of some sort, I'm sure:
Is he an "aleature"? I've met one before-- my wife's brother Mooch is aleature...)

Menacing monsters stalked luscious ladies in the hallways--

Who fears the Reaper? Not fan Holly Crisler! (Photo by Melinda Ford)

But they tended to get their heads handed to them by the women they intended to victimize--

One Cthulian cabeza ready for display on a pole!

Though mostly a harmonious horror happening, the event did have a few fights crop up--

--as with this adult fighting a miner. The little guy should pick on someone his own size!

Ah, strange characters from the cult film Repo: The Genetic Opera--
These three were actually young fans named (l-r, top photo:) Erin Bowden, Zachary Allen, and Haley Dillon. They were interesting to talk to, having a passion for genre material old and new, whether it was film, stage or books and magazines. Each day of the con they appeared in new makeups and costumes, and like others who also came "dressed up," added to the spirit of the event.

They were especially inspired by the Andrew Lloyd-Webber Phantom of the Opera. They shared with me some photos they took to add to the ones I snapped, and I took the liberty of making a few look like old photos or film frames.

One evil Erik eyes another.

Along with fans like them, I gotta give the dealers their props--many cool props and art works were for sale there:

Diabolic dolls by artist Terry Cruikshank.

Being a drunken severed head, I am interested in drinking companions. As a Pittsburgher, I am interested in zombies, as so many fine zombie flicks were shot in this area. Imagine my delight to find drunken zombies!

Smile, drunken zombies-- you're on camera!

How lucky I was to have found buds to have Buds with! They gave me the courage to put on the old android body prosthetic and hang out (its abdominal section especially hangs out).

Here I am, about to demonstrate the ancient "Chinese lager torture" on the pate of a pal.

Anything to reduce the glare! (Sorry, Ray!)

Above, you see our choices of polluting potables. The menus were equally cool, though you had to be careful about reading anything aloud--

Okay, so that's only a cool prop on display-- but I wish the menus DID look like that!

Of course, I got 'faced while at the con--

--alien faced, that is!

Here's one of the scary servers, with a tip from a happy customer:

And speaking of strange-looking persons---

Here I am in my Saturday night "Monster of Scarimonies" jacket. I was very flattered to be asked to present the Famous Monsters Lifetime Achievement awards to several guests as part of the V.I.P. Party. The celebrities so honored with awards were Billy Drago, Tom Savini, William Stout, Basil Gogos, and Indiana horror host Sammy Terry (represented by his wife and son). All the awards, including for beauty pageant and costume contests, looked like this:

As you can see from text and photos in this, this, this, this, and this post published here, I, my wife and my friends old and new all had a GREAT time. I'm sure I-- and YOU-- will have a fan-tastic time at the next FM convention!

Read more about the con at the Famous Monsters website.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll have to make plans to attend - looks like a blast!

John Rozum said...

I don't know which scared me more; the table covered in creepy dolls, or that pun about the miner/minor.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Alex, John--

Come to next year's event and I scare-antee I'll blast you with creepy puns.

There. That addresses both your comments with only one response, which leaves me more time for drinking...


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