Monday, November 15, 2010

Final Lessons of Zombie Fest 2010: Pt. 2

Continued from this post. The other Zombie Fest 2010 posts can be found here, here, here, and here.

Zombies do schtick.
Zombies don't do hairspray.
Zombies know a toy rifle when they see one.
Zombies keep an eye out for friends.
Zombies have no taste when it comes to oldies music.
(At least this zombie construction worker didn't sing.)
Zombies enjoy the wrong part of Vietnamese cuisine.
(Oh, go look it up on Wikipedia. Would it have been better if I'd said East Timor cuisine?)

And the wrong parts of German history:
Boy zombies like to slack.
And why not? They're dead!

Girl zombies like to bow.
(They thought a talking severed head was pretty cool.)
I thought the one on the right above needed the blouse neckline of her companion.
Ah! Now that's the ticket!

Okay, one more conclusion left--that I'm saving for the end of the post. But let's look at more photos and crack wise, eh?

Here's a Grimm girl--Little dead Riding Hood!
I have no need to make a "goodies" joke here, because you're already thinking it. (Oh, yes you are.)

This guy's no zombie...
But he's brought one back from darkest...uh, Sweden?
Who's dis clown?
Oh! It's crusty!
And here's Stiffy the Clown from the It's Alive Show. Not sure who the other guy is. Either it's his straight man, or his life partner, Not Straight Man.

Hooray for Captain Spaulding, the supplier of tennis balls to zombies.

His girl can't make up her mind (what's left of it) as to what he best side is.
There's a 'big screw" joke here, but I can't bring myself to make it:
She might hurt me if I did!

When zombies appear, who ya gonna call?
Is this guy a monster fighter just some dude with a homemade self-abuse device? I can't decide.
The Ghostbusters were nowhere to be found when this devil showed up:
Seems he showed up waaay early for Demon Fest--
Wow. Demons can read their watches right through their jacket sleeves! So I guess I should write this: Devils have x-ray vision.

Maybe he can take these folks back with him to Hell:

Except for her. I need a maid.

$5 via PayPal to the best caption for this mime zombie photo. I have to get at least five entries!
The last lesson I learned about zombies from Zombie Fest is this--

No matter who sticks it to them, you can't keep a good zombie down.

That's true no matter what this bloodsucker-centric blog says in posts like this one. Feh.

Zombies rule, if only by force of sheer numbers. (You ever see large hordes of vampires or werewolves? Of course not.)

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Melissa Walker said...

Vampires are politically correct - have you ever seen a Nazi vampire? Of course not!

Suzanne said...

OOO let me play!
When you shoot a zombie mime, do you have to use a silencer? HAHA!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Melissa--why would I want zombies to be politically correct?

Sue--good one! (I always say that when someone makes a bad pun.)


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