Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best of the worst! Part Two

Put off pasting your picks in the Rondo Award process? Ah, a fellow procrastinator of precocious proportions!

Here's the second half of my list of the best entries (first half here) at this here exercise in execrable excess, from 2008 and early 2009 (the eligible term for this year's awards):

The first DRIVE-IN SUPER MONSTERMANIA! (Oops! That's from 2007! Oh hell, I'm leavin' it in.)

Interview with a Robotics Engineer

The monster art of Dwayne Pinkney

A report on SCHLITZIE'S DAY by Verne Langdon

Jim Bertges' report on the Forry Ackerman Tribute

Expired clowns, Verne Langdon, and me (Part One and Part Two)

25th Annual Ohio Sci-Fi Marathon (Part One, Two and Three)

Luau of the Living Dead

Deep inside horror author Polly Frost!

A encounter with actor David Patrick Kelly

BODIES...The Exhibition (Part One and Part Two)


Unnerving art of Ron Mueck

Woodland and cemetary visits, Part One and Two

How Monsters and Golf made my Valentine's Day

The Voodoo Queen Speaks!

Monster Model Rock 'n' Roll!


More (though older) posts (feh, why not?):

Interview with filmmaker Ted Newsom

Bone appetit!

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Curt Purcell said...

Thanks very much for posting about this--it looks like exactly my kind of thing, and I wouldn't know about it otherwise!


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